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We offer a full range of top quality North American Plywood. Our regular stock includes cabinet grade birch, pre-finished maple (one and two sided), baltic birch and MDF. There is generally just a 24 hour turn around on non-stock items such as walnut and cherry if you are able to place your order by noon.

Recently, grossly inferior Chinese sheet goods have flooded the market. We maintain, however, that you get what you pay for: sheets that warp, have core overlap, are layed up wet, and are bonded with toxic glues. All of our sheets are produced under optimal conditions, with formaldehyde-free glue.

Veneer logs are typically cut in four different ways. Each method of slicing produces a different look. The simple diagram to the left is a quick overview of those methods and the general grain pattern that is achieved.

For an additional charge, we can size your sheets for easier transport and to save room in your shop.

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